-Bandcoaching  includes Improvising, advanced Groupplaying exercises, Listeningtechnics, Jazzphrasing, Songwriting, Grooving together, Latinamerican Music, Odd-meters.

-With my Band Mr Eart we give Workshops that include Improvising, Songwriting, Storytelling, Jazz and Pop History, Bandcoaching, Instrument-Group-lessons, Individual Lessons and more.

-The Doublebass Workshop introduces the Instrument as a source of various Sounds and artistic Expression
playing Duo, how to play with Drums, Trio, Basshistory, Groove, Basslines, Improvising, Intonation


Philosophy: Every Student has a different Personality and brings different skills and experience. In my Lessons and Workshops I develop together with the student(s) the most effective and joyful individual learning way. I believe that effective learning goes via an experience and playful joy with the music, beyond technical reading and repeating. I like to work with Kids from age 4 as much as with Adults.

Content: The Lessons can include following Topics:
Latin American Rhythms, Tumbao, Chacarera, Samba, Zamba, Milonga, Tango, Chorro and many more
Listening, Improvising, Jazz, Classical Technique, Pop
Soundexercises, Relaxingtechnics
Groove, Intonation, Bowing

My Qualifications: Jazzstudies at Conservatorium van Amsterdam, many Workshops with famous Jazzmusicians and Paedagogiks like Bobby Mc Ferrin, Kenny Werner, John Scofield, Richard Bona etc, 15Years of Live Experience, Basic Psychological studies at Universitaet Hagen, Coaching Seminars, past few Years I lived and worked as a musician in southamerica regular. I learned several Relaxing Technics such as Bodyscan, Muscle-Reflex-Relaxation and Awarenessmeditation.