mr eart –

neo songwriting and improvised free rock
the album @ amazon
neuklang records

feat. flor corallini – vocals
cesar latorre – keys
marek kadziela – guitar
ben wellenbeck – drums

any secrets –

any secrets

indie pop rock songwriting
dirk flatau – keys
moritz sembritzki – guitar
martin krümmling – drums, vocals
marcel krömker – bass, vocals

sebastian schunke group

new free latin jazz

 – the new wild high energetic young Berlin –
This band already toured the world with Sebastian,
developing a new not yet seen and heard Modern Sound in Latin Jazz –
it is maybe the most innovative band of Latin Jazz existing.
all about jazz, ny
connector records

Spiral Vortex trio –

spiral vortex - the weaverThe Weaver
cantina records

Artis Orubs – drums, traps
Marcel Kroemker – contrabass
Dimitris Pantelias – saxophones, compositions


traumton records
pär lammers trio

three albums @ traumtonrecords

octason records
diego pinera

latin jazz

the album feat tony lakatos! @ amazon

feat toni lakatos

and tino derado

major pins

post hippie rock

 the new ep:

to the trees
produced by yensin jahn (a.o.guano apes, broken social scene)



 the new album:

we need to talk feat peter baumann (beatsteaks)
produced by andy jung (seeds, blackmail)
coming soon

discography of the past

laika records
ed kröger quintett

Seit gut 40 Jahren ist Ed Kröger einer der großen Protagonisten des deutschen Jazz auf der Posaune.

Auch der begabte junge Bassist Marcel Krömker ist ein Neuzugang. Seine swingenden Basslinien und seine Interaktionen fügen sich optimal in das Quintett ein.

feat. iganz dinne
vincent borguax

chris gall trio feat enik

pop – jazz

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